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Looking for advice of what software to use for creating and edit epub files. Preferably epub3, but as I understand its quite new and not even fully finished, support for epub2 would do also.

I am a professional graphic designer, so I would like to have some advice in what software to be used for making epub files. So far I learned that InDesign could be used, and also heard about Sigil. Is there any other choices out there? I am not just looking for a simple "converter", but something that gives me full control of the end product. Both open source and payed software are welcomed.

I use the zip command on a shell to zip/unzip the archive.
For text files (XHTML, CSS, and other XML formats) I use a simple text editor like Kate from KDE.
Well, for pixel graphics you can use everything that has an output as PNG, JPEG/JFIF or GIF.
For SVG you can use a text editor too, but you can start for example with inkscape as well and clean up with a text editor and scour before putting the file into the archive.
Additionally I use PHP scripts to provide an option to create simple books in this format - for me and for others. The output has a simple structure, easy to start with, simple to add more content with a text editor. PHP or other programing languages can be useful as well to create
more complex SVG files.

As you can see, there is no need for specific programs to write such books.
And at least if the book contains mainly text, a text editor with syntax highlight is the best you can use - you have always the complete control over the appropriate use of structures with a
semantical meaning for your content.

For commercial, you can also take a look at BlueGriffon and Inkling Habitat.

For easy code editing, maybe not what you're looking for, Oxygen is my program of choice. It has validation support for many of the distinct files in an epub, as well as integrating epubcheck for overall valdiation (i.e., allows editing in-place of a zipped container).

I'm developping a new EPUB 3 creator which will maybe meet your needs. It should be available in April 2014.
See Github repository : https://github.com/Jbprod/Sopherim

Jbprod, is it possible to test your software before the release. It sounds great!

Hi Emiliano.

There are some functions that I didn't yet implement. I can give you the current jar, but I prefer to have a stable version before distributing it.
Just be patient. April is not so far :).

I hope you understand. Thank you.

Sure, Jbprod.

I'll be expecting the future release. Congrats for your work.

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There is a native EPUB 3 desktop publishing program available called Playwrite for Mac OS X. It can be obtained here:


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