Problem reading ePUB3 ebook with interactive Javascript Pages

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I'm just testing my last ebook on ePUB3 ready platforms and I have some problems with Readium on Chrome.

My ebook has been successfully checked by the ePubCheck application and runs perfectly with iBook (tested on an iPAD2). All xhtml pages of the book are also running perfectly when directly loaded with Chrome...

When I try to read my ebook with the Chrome Readium Extension, two of my pages are not working : these two pages use (a lot of) Javascript and the user can interact with buttons (implemented as local links calling javascript functions href="javascript:myfunction();" for example).

Is there some limitations with Readium ?

Anyone has some idea of what is happening here ?

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Please check in the .opf file that you have added an attribute properties="scripted" for the xhtml item in the manifest node from where you are running the javascripts

Example:- <item href="s04.xhtml" id="s04" media-type="application/xhtml+xml" properties="scripted"/>
for "s04.xhtml" file.
Also make sure that you have added <script> tags in the xhtml file.


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