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There is so much talking going on about EDUPUB after the Oct 30th workshop. How is EDUPUB different from epub3? Is there any specification for EDUPUB?


EDUPUB is not different from EPUB 3, it's an implementation of EPUB 3 for educational content.

Pearson is releasing the work they've been doing to implement EPUB 3 structured markup for educational materials, but I don't believe that's publicly available yet.

The broader initiative is to bring consistency to education publishing in EPUB, one part of which is standardizing concepts and markup so that everyone isn't doing the same thing but slightly differently, and the other is to push for standardization of content handling across platforms (e.g., the current inconsisntency of scripting implementations makes it extremely hard for educational publishers to create consistent experiences across platforms).

The session held last week saw a prioritization of tasks that need to be handled first (e.g., learning and accessibility metadata, assessments, etc.), and was a kickoff to the initiative. There's another meeting scheduled in the next quarter to update and continue to work to address the issues (IDPF, IMS Global, W3C and others working together to solve issues, where they exist, at the source), so there will be plenty more to come.

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