alternative text representation of SVG documents

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It is already good practice for authors of SVG documents to use at least the elements title and
desc of the root svg element to provide a text alternative for the graphical content.
But this does not necessarily help, if user-agents provide no access to this.
Therefore I suggest, that the next EPUB version should require, that user-agents
provide an alternative text view of SVG documents on demand.
In the simplest case this could be some presentation of title and desc of the root svg element.

This might even allow the usage of declarative and interactive animation within SVG in the
next EPUB version, because with a text alternative with a reliable access for the reader,
it can be much simpler for authors to provide such content in an accessible way.
By comparing the text alternative with the graphical display every reader has a good chance
to check, whether the graphical presentation meets the effect intended by the author - and this
does not only apply for problems with animation, it applies for other bugs and gaps in current user-agents as well, which are a problem already for the SVG content allowed for EPUB 2 and 3.
Even if due to hardware limitations a user-agent cannot present the animated content or some other complex content, the combination of a characteristic initial graphical view and an
accessible text alternative within the SVG document simplifies the work of authors to provide accessible content for everyone with all user-agents dramatically.

And if this is required for all user-agents, it is much simpler for authors to check, that such a text alternative is really sufficient and matters, just because it is visible for everyone on demand.

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