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I am interested in linking epub books. I know it is difficult to connect epub books that we should pay. However, there are huge number of free books in the world. In many case, free books are also free from DRM and not required some payment procedure. Therefore, it seems to me that making a new protocol for linking ePub books.

In some months ago, I have heard that the discussions on possibility for making such protocols. I forgot details and I do not remember whether they have done in this forum or not.

If you have some information about such discussions or protocol its self, please let me know. Or, If you have some comments about them, please show me.

The EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifiers specification defines such a linking mechanism. The current version was updated in the 3.0.1 revision, which is why it's marked as a draft (you can reach the previous recommendation by clicking on the previous version link).

I've seen some support for intra-publication linking using these fragment identifiers, but no reading systems yet that will download the referenced epub and open it to the specified location. The Open Annotations group is also looking at linking into EPUBs, so that work might see more development in reading systems on the cross-epub linking abilities of epubcfis.

Hi Matt,

Thank you very much for instructive suggestions that I wanted.

I had been thinking that CFI was just a linking mechanism within an epub book. As your reply, I have to check the function for inter-epub linkage. Since I have use the readium.js and it include processing functions of junping by CFIs, I may be able to test that fuctions.

I also have to check the outcomes of Open Annotations group.

After getting some ideas about this theme based on your suggestions, I will write them on this thread.

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