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I've heard about the AHL standard for eComics, but it seems that nothing is planned to control transition between pages.

For "homothetic" comics (electronic facsimile paper comics), it doesn't matter. But in digital comics creation, pages transitions are really important. If the reader displays a 3D turning page animation by default, there is no way to work on an infinite scrolling comics or a turbomedia (also known as Infinite comics, Thrillbent comics or DC2 ). Being able to control those page effects would allow to fully use the ePub format for digital-native comics creations.

ePub 3.0 is a great innovation in digital edition. With that evolution, it could become even greater.

First things first, the AHL specs are in a public review period right now, so if you have concerns I'd recommend opening an issue in the google tracker to have.them formally addressed by the group.

That said, have you had a look at the new layout metadata introduced in the EPUB 3.0.1 revision? In particular, the rendition:flow property allows authors to indicate preference for dynamic pagination, scrolling per document (with page break between), and a continuous scroll of all documents. Support for this property is not required generally in reading systems (ultimately they only have to support whatever default they support), but requiring for comics might be something to address. It might take a formal comics profile to do, however, as I'm not sure where this requirements would fit into the AHL specs.

Thanks for your advice Matt. I have open an issue :

The scroll-continuous value is a good news and solves one part of the issue.
I hope there would be soon a rendition:transition propriety with a none value to disable the unwanted page effects of the reader.

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