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Trying to submit an ePub for validation and it comes back with some odd errors, amongst which are total rejection of ASIDE, SECTION and FIGURE tags. Can anyone shed any light on this. Does this validator not recognise these HTML 5 tags?

Errors are mostly like "element "aside" not allowed anywhere;"

is your file version 3 or 2? EPUB 2 officially supported only a strict subset of XHTML 1.1.

I'm coming at this from a webbie perspective so bear with me if I'm asking basic questions.

Do I need to delineate the version and if so where do I need to do this?

Much of the mark up of the pages is HTML 5 so it obviously needs to be EPUB 3..

yes the package document (in OPF file) has a version attribute, make it "3.0". See: .  generally speaking EPUB development is a bit more strict than website development because EPBU files need to be reliably distributable through multiple channels and archivable. so it's not just a matter of putting a website in a zip file and you're done, or cut-and-paste from examples, you need to be prepared to read the specs at least to some level (or use tools that support EPUB 3, for example Oxygen XML has schemas built-in).

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