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Hi there - I'm completely new to ePUB 2.0 but have managed to resolve some of the warnings on an eBook I'm self-publishing but am really stuck with 1 error and 2 warning messages that have been identified. I've used an InDesign base file to produce the file

Warning #1 - these all relate to font variations (like TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT.otf) that 'cannot be decrypted'. I've used the base variations for Arial in only a few places so that isn't so much of a problem to change, but the body text is in Times New Roman and I'm in real trouble if the decryption fault needs to be altered... any suggestions?

Warning #2 - just the one and it's' title element empty'. I'm assuming that Line 5 Position 24 applies to the INDB doc but don't understand the specification and therefore how to amend it.

and the biggie
Error - Line 16 position 46 character content of element "dc:identifier" invalid; must be a string with length of at least 1 (actual length was 0)

which is complete gobbledygook to me as it's all in a straight body text paragraph with just the parag style applied to line 16 and the preceding and succeeding text?

Any help gratefully received as I want to get the book out on Kindle etc and promoted a.s.a.p. I've a good grasp of InDesign for print publication, but this is literally my 1st go at epub and I need a simple jargon-free explanation of what I have to correct. Hoping in anticipation that I'm not making anyone laugh like a drain at something that might be pathetically easy...

The error is not in your content but in the metadata.

I'm kind of surprised that you're getting an empty identifier error, though. I thought Indesign generated the identifier for you, unless you override in the advanced export options. You didn't delete the identifier, did you?

The warning about the title is also a metadata issue. You need to ensure that you've specified the document title in the document properties to correct.

As for the fonts, do you really need to embed them? Are they just standard system fonts? You can remove the option to embed when you export, which will get rid of the warnings. Adobe encrypts fonts exported through Indesign, so you're getting a warning from epubcheck that it doesn't know how to decrypt them.

Thanks Matt - the POD distributor I'm using has no templates/tutorials on how to set up the ePUB file aside from saying to select basic fonts and using the usual italic/bold icons and to limit the amount of paragraph styles/headings. I'm also much more used to putting things into PDF formats where font embedding is always rammed home as vital, so it didn't really occur to me to override that at all.

I have no idea how to delete an identifier or to apply one for that matter (since InDesign does that by default as you say). I think what I'll do with the error and the element warning is to redo those INDD & book files from scratch and see if that makes a difference when I export to a fresh ePUB file and take more care with the metadata when I set that up. One thing I'd like to confirm is that the Line and Position specifications does refer to the base files in INDB so I can concentrate on the two files that seem to contain the culprits?

Is there anywhere you'd recommend for a decent tutorial on creating ePUB files, preferably a text one as video demos don't tend to stick for me. Many thanks for these pointers - really grateful.

The errors are in the exported EPUB package file, which contains all the metadata; that's why the line positions are generally meaningless when working in the Indesign source. For these particular errors, you just have to know what EPUB requires and map it back to where information is stored in Indesign.

The problems are fixable in your source Indesign file, so you shouldn't need to redo anything from scratch; it's just a matter of getting the document metadata and export options fixed up. There aren't any errors being reported with the content itself, which is a good thing.

As far as tutorials go, perhaps Liz Castro's book on Indesign to EPUB/Kindle will help for your needs. I haven't read it myself (I'm not a heavy ID user), but Liz is a great resource for information on these topics.

There are ways to manually edit the EPUB source, but it's probably easier just to re-export to fix these particular problems. The instructions on a manual fix of the EPUB source might be a bit overwhelming!

Cheers Matt - I've fixed 25 of the 27 faults with my file now and I think I know where I'm going wrong because in the original ePUB files I hadn't formatted the TOC section properly. I've reworked the ePUB using uncorrupted files so I wouldn't repeat the incorrect cross-referencing and just exported to the ePUB without applying any TOC styles at all.

Both items relate to the OEBPS/content.opf file - so the empty title element and 'character content of element "dc:identifier" invalid; must be a string with length at least 1 (actual length was 0)'

Assuming that's the problem I have an Adobe vid tutorial I can use to reconstruct the TOC part - fingers crossed!

Spoke a little prematurely although I now only have the 1 error message so I guess I'm almost there

Still OEBPS/content.opf file and the invalid character content but it's changed from line 16 to line 28 of position 46 (the same).

Does this mean that I've selected the data/text for the cross reference incorrectly?

You're still missing an identifier for the book, assuming the message is the same.

As this is an EPUB 2 file, you could grab a copy of sigil and open the generated EPUB to verify.

If you look at that line number in the content.opf file, you should find an empty tag like this:

<dc:identifier id="bookid"></dc:identifier>

Typically this tags is propagated with a custom value you've specified, or a random unique identifier.

But all metadata tags have to have some value, so if the element that is being reported as empty has changed, it's a matter of figuring out what field is being output empty and fixing it in the Indesign metadata or setting it for export.

Success! Thank you Matt - and Sigil

I was following the Adobe tutorial too slavishly and left off the unique identifier data in the export menu - it passed clean as a whistle and the only issue I have left is superscript formatting which I can fix in Indesign anyway so I can go ahead with publication v. soon.

Thanks for all your input and advice :D

thought I might ask for help on my epub/book indesign export... here are the errors I'm receiving...

WARNING: meta@dtb:uid content 'fd69b70d-d08b-137f-471e-2e340d37aa6e' should conform to unique-identifier in content.opf: 'urn:uuid:fd69b70d-d08b-137f-471e-2e340d37aa6e' in OEBPS/toc.ncx

ERROR: date value '' is not valid as per zero-length string in OEBPS/content.opf on line 2
ERROR: element "navMap" incomplete; missing required element "navPoint" in OEBPS/toc.ncx on line 3
ERROR: Publisher value is missing in OEBPS/content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid publication date. A date with the event attribute publication (opf:event=publication) is required in OEBPS/content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid creator. A creator with the author role (role=aut) and the file-as attribute is required in OEBPS/content.opf

I get these errors when I upload to, I had triple this, but figured them out... these, I'm having trouble fixing, any help would be very appreciated. thanx

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