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I've heard that if you enter a copyright symbol © in the metadata, the ePub may not validate as only alphanumeric data may be used and this is a special character. Is this so?

Where did you hear this? I don't see anything in the EPUB or Dublin Core specs indicating that only alphanumeric data may be used although there are several types of metadata in EPUB and it's not clear what specific metadata element(s) you're referring to. is one resource about encoding special characters in Dublin Core metadata.

I was searching around to see where it might have come from, but all I found was one post in mobilereads from 2010 where a user was claiming that Apple was rejecting his book because he had a copyright symbol in the metadata.

But the person had it in the package and body and deleted both to solve without verifying the actual cause, so whether that was a real restriction from Apple or not is unclear. As the person was manually editing, the problem could well have been inserting a non-UTF8 encoded character into one or the other location.

The only ASCII-like restriction I can think of is in file naming, but that's just a recommendation if you're worried about older reading systems choking on UTF8 names, not something we enforce.

As Bill says, some more detail is needed to determine the legitimacy of the claim. If anything, it would be a restriction on top of what EPUB requires.

Thank you Bill and Matt for your helpful comments.

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