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Hi there,

Forgive me if this sounds anal, but I'm thinking of using Readium.js on several projects (both open and closed source); however I'm a little confused on how Readium.js is currently licensed:

On ( ) the project page states that Readium.js and the common js sub modules are BSD licensed :

"All of the ReadiumJS sub-projects are available under the BSD open source license (Readium SDK components, other than the common JS modules shared with ReadiumJS, are available under a dual license model),"

This is also echoed on which links to the BSD license.

However whats causing confusion is that when I follow the instructions in the readium.js git repo: to build a release locally the readium.js file that is generated has a GPL v3 License header embedded in it ~ which is obviously not BSD.

So the question I have is: Is Readium.js BSD licensed or not? Could someone please clarify this?

And could / should the appropriate License be added to these repos:


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