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I have a problem in the file (EPUB -> ibooks app on Ipad) that does not display a images,
but when I rotate the iPad screen all the pictures show ,
Note I Create HTML file from Adobe Edge (html + js files) ,
Do you have any suggestions.

this example :



I looked into the sample.
It seems to contain two images, OEBPS/image/203.png (a non transparent white image) and
OEBPS/images/images.jpg (some logo of a company - do you have a license to publish this? ;o)
However, both display for example with gimp or gwenview, therefore they are presumably ok.

As content related documents you have (without paths): toc.ncx, toc.xhtml, Untitled-1.html, idGeneratedStyles.css

(we can neglect any java-script files, because it is required to have a declarative access for relevant content anyway, therefore it at all, they do only matter for alternative views).

Analysing all these content relevant files it turns out, that the two images are not referenced in them, therefore they will not appear in a presentation of the book.

Analysing the book with the well known validator gives the information, that the file 'iTunesMetadata.plist' is missing in the manifest of the content.opf
Once you add it, you will need to provide accessible alternatives for this. Because the content seems to be simple XML without a given namespace, it is maybe better to provide this information with XHTML instead.

Back to the question: It is ok not to see any image in the presentation of this book.
This fits for example for the display in EPUBReader - an empty document.
If you want them to show up, my suggestion would be to reference them with an element img or object within toc.xhtml or Untitled-1.html or use them as background image in idGeneratedStyles.css for displayable elements. Alternatively you can embed raster images in SVG documents as well - but because declarative animation is not allowed yet in EPUB 3, this will not help either to replace the inaccessible java-script things currently with something dynamically and accessible.
If the images are somehow used by the java-scripts and they matter nevertheless, currently the best alternative could be to embed them statically in the content documents and to forget about scripting or dynamic content in EPUB 3. This is currently mainly restricted to manual switches of the content for example with 'a' elements changing the content of iframes or objects etc and corresponding constructions in SVG.
For accessibility reasons you need such manual switch options anyway for dynamically changing content, if there is no other static alternative.

Hi ashrafo,

I think the simple answer is that there is a bug, perhaps in iBooks or maybe in the Adobe Edge generated JavaScript. If you open your example ebook with iBooks and double tap in the centre of the page, you will see that an empty rectangle is selected, so the image element is definitely there. Any action that causes repagination, such as a change of orientation or a font size/face change, will cause the actual image to become visible. I'm not sure there is anything you can do to fix this, other than following O.H.'s advice and finding an alternative, simpler way to achieve the results you require. For the record, Readium (chrome extension) seems to handle the content as expected.


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