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Dear Team,

MathML does not work in Readium. Please let us know when this issue will be fixed in Readium.

It will be in very soon, by end of May at the latest. We have it working in a branch but are still testing it.

To be clear, MathML is a markup that has to be interpreted and rendered, just like HTML or SVG. Ideally, the browsers (and the engine we use) would just render it. They do support a little, but only a very little. So we are using the MathJAX library to render MathML in both the Chrome extension and the SDK implementations. We have integrated it, but are testing it and fixing bugs.

Is there an update on this?

I am also waiting for the return of MathML to Readium. Is there a projected release that will include MathML?

We are working on it right now. However, we have run into several issues that have proved difficult to resolve. One aspect is that Readium supports about 7 different platforms, so ensuring that a fix like MathML works across all platforms and doesn't cause regressions on some platforms is tricky. Believe me, we want it in there as well, so we are working hard at it.

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