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Hi, I am a neophyte trying to publish some ebooks in epub3 format. I just created a very simple (text only) fixed layout 768x1024 book, only to discover that Readium Chrome extension displays my book slightly but noticeably different in Windows and OS X.

The inconsistencies are about both vertical and horizontal spacing of simple text. Here is a summary of my findings after trying different readers on different OSes:

a)- My epub3 gives exactly the same output in Azardi under all platforms.
b)- However, Readium output under Windows is similar to Azardi (but not
fully the same) while Readium output under OS X is noticeably
different. (Text height as well as linebreaks are different, which can result in text cut offs.)
c)- Also, Readium output under OS X is the same with IBooks (Mavericks)

This is an important problem because it defeats the purpose of having
a fixed layout document. So here are my two questions:

1)- How do I get the same output in Readium under both Windows and OS X?
2)- If this is a bug due to Readium (or Azardi etc.), which software
should I use to check my ebooks? In other words should I use Readium under OS X or
Readium under Windows as my benchmark for correct output?

I thank you in advance for your help, information and suggestions. I can also submit my single page test book for assessment.

This certainly sounds like a significant problem. We'll try to look at it on our side, but can you share the eBook with us? I am

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