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The current iOS sample did not handle some of the non-latin based languages very well, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. Is language support something that is still in progress? Books used: To test, I just copied them into the EPub folder of the Xcode project - is there something more one needs to do?

I tried the highlight capabilities in some test ePub books, such as Moby Dick (, and didn’t find that in the sample, but it is in the test suite documents - is highlighting of plain in-body text supported outside of playback? I also did not find: search or choice of fonts in the samples - are those supported by the library? Last, the sample with graphics lets you zoom just a little - I assume that’s a restriction of the test app and not the library itself?

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I'm also wandering about this situation.
Did you find any solution to support those sample epub books?

Can you be more specific about the errors you are seeing in Kusamakura? Did you build from github master or develop. At this time, using the develop branch is a better idea.

re Bookmarks, yes, we are working on that, but we don't have an ETA for the completion of that work.

Ric Wright, Director of Eng. Readium

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