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Is it true that the iTunesStore will not accept epub3 eBooks with remote-resources media files and/or a combination of most popular embedded audio video (mp3, mp4) media formats w/ fallback to alternate formats as remote-resources?

I've read this only in results from the FlightDeck - Retailers Grid report. Can you please confirm if this is true? If it is, do you know why? or a workaround that doesn't involve another version of my ePub? ... and is there additional documentation available online supporting the iTunesStore nonacceptance of these type epub books? (which doesn't make much sense in light of their desired file size recommendations, that could be met if remote-resource media files were accepted)

My cross-platform files pass ePubcheck conforming to the current ePub3 spec and are ready to be distributed - lest this unverified issue. Your insight is greatly appreciated.

If @matt.garish = we have discussed similar issues in the past. I could use your expertise on this one Matt.

Thanks in advance everyone.

Sorry, there was a period where I wasn't getting alerts and missed this thread.

FlightDeck incorporates vendor-specific checks from the vendors themselves, so you can safely assume that if they're alerting you that Apple will reject files with remote resources, it's true.

Apple tends not to allow any remote access. JavaScript is similarly locked down, for example. I couldn't speculate on why they would reject an ebook with source elements referencing remote resources. That seems a bit harsh, since they can easily ignore them.

But epubcheck validating a file doesn't mean that a vendor will accept it, unfortunately. Vendors can place further restrictions on what content they're willing to support/distribute provided it doesn't change the nature of the specification. Apple only accepting MP4 video is one example, but image sizes, overall file sizes and other restrictions are all within their right.

I don't expect there will be any workarounds other than filtering your content to meet their requirements if that's what they're requiring.

Apologies again for the late response!

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