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Readium is one of the few ePub readers for Windows that the Adobe InDesign development team tests InDesign's ePub output against.

In the latest version of InDesign (CC 2014) there is now an option to automatically view ePubs exported from InDesign in one or more ePub readers of one's choice.

In the course of creating and testing ePubs, it is necessary to export them often and check the result in various ePub readers.

Readium should make it possible to have the ePub extension be associated with itself on Windows.

Also, if a file is opened with Chrome, and has an ePub extension, Readium should find a way to automatically kick in and display the ePub.

I'm presuming this is not possible yet. But if it is, please let me know how!


AFAIK, this is a feature of Chrome, not Readium. The Readium Chrome Extension has no control over this.

I came up with a way to get the InDesign CC2015 Export window to open Readium using a batch file, but I can't get it to actually load the epub. I still have to load the epub manually, after InDesign launches Readium.

See my steps documented on, but this site doesn't allow me to include a link with this comment. If you go to their site, try searching the title of my posting to find it:


I've written to the developers of Readium to see if they would make it support passing arguments, but I never got a response from them.

Not sure why you can't insert a link as there is a link button at the top of the editor window?

In any case, where did you send the enquiry to Readium?  It is on our feature list, but we have not had sufficient resources to provide this feature.

Ric Wright, Director of Engineering, Readium Foundation

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