Readium Chrome: translation management

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I have already posted on the GitHub Issue tracker ( ), and mailed some of the devs about this issue, but nothing has happened so far, so I try again here.

I think it would be beneficial to the project if RF could define a policy for contributing the i18n strings, so that they can make into the "stable" releases (of Readium.js or the Chrome extension).

My suggestion is to maintain a list of previous i18n contributors and notify them directly (i.e., by email) once the en_US/messages.json is stable (at least 1 week before the build due date), so that they can update the i18n/messages.json for the respective languages. I can volunteer for the Italian language.

Alternatively, the RF might want to release a public "call for translation", suitably before the build due date (say 2 weeks in advance?).

(Evidence for this: Readium 2.14.1 shipped without some user-contributed translations, as you can see from the pull requests still in "open" state.)

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