Hyperlink in Footnotes in EPUB3 does not work

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Hi, I have a problem with the footnotes in EPUB 3:

Links in footnotes, don't work. When you tap the link the popover collapses:

<aside epub:type="footnote" id="n1">
<p>This is the footnote text. However, if I <a href="http://stackoverflow.com">click this link</a> it does not work.</p>

What do I do?

See follow images:


Handling of footnotes isn't actually defined by the EPUB 3 spec; what you're running into is an Apple implementation limit.

This isn't a new problem, though. There are a number of reports of it if you search the web a bit. I can't offer any new advice.

Matt, you say,"Handling of footnotes isn't actually defined by the EPUB 3 spec." So, why is that? Will this always be the case or are there plans to take this up? Obviously, IDPF recognizes the opportunity to vastly improve the reading experience (see:http://www.idpf.org/accessibility/guidelines/content/xhtml/notes.php) with respect to footnotes, endnotes, etc. so many would expect IDPF to be energetically working on this.

Other than apple, Calibre and some mobile epub viewers view popups.

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