ReadiumJS SDK err_storage "Unable to access storage"

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my website use readiumJS sdk to read epub3 when I upload content . Show pop up "Unable to access storage" after extract epub content.
waht the problem?

thank you.

Can you provide some more info? You say ReadiumJS SDK but ReadiumJS and the SDK are separate products. ReadiumJS is the wholly JavaScript implementation. Is that what you meant?
On what platform are you doing this? With what browser? Any additional information and details will help us to try and answer your question.

Ric Wright
Director of Engineering
Readium Foundation

I think that is ReadiumJS because I have the same problem.
In WorkerProxy.js I change workerUrl to "path/to/root/url/" + module.config().workerUrl and I download scripts/readium-worker.js from chrome App.
But the error that I get is "Unable to access storage" after extract epub content.

Any suggest?

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