Possible Typo in case Element Description

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In clause The epub:case Element, there is this statement

Each case element must contain an alternate representation of the same content. To ensure the best rendering of their content, Authors should order case elements by to their optimal rendering format.

I think this statement is incorrect because unless I've misread something, the case element itself does not contain the alternate. Rather, the switch must contain a default element that contains the alternate.

I'm not sure what the best correction should be but the language as written does not appear to be correct.



Switching "alternate" to "alternative" would certainly help.

It's not an alternation of case and default with one the preferred and the other the fallback -- you can have more than one case to select from.

The ordering suggestion is intended to get at the first case being the optimal (but maybe not supported) format, which is what I'm assuming you're finding faulty in the current "alternate" wording?

The "by to" in there is a definite typo, too.

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