Readium hangs at "Migrating Books"

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I haven't used Readium (Chrome app) for a bit, but went to use it to add a new epub I wanted to read. However, when I start Readium up in Chrome, it shows the covers for my existing epubs already in the app, but then greys the window and pops up a dialog titled "Migrating Books" with a progress bar and the message "loading data ...". Unfortunately, the progress bar never goes past the 1% mark. It just freezes. Since this is a modal, the app is frozen and I can't do anything with it except close the browser tab.

Is there any way out of this? Or any way to blast the internal Chrome file system directory containing the epubs so it will stop trying to migrate them (whatever that means)?

Was having the same problem, but just clicking on the open window made the message go away, and then I could open epubs from within Chrome/Readium per usual.

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