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I made an ebook with the Book Creator for iPads. The ebook contains 4 videos. The ebook totally has 330 MB. I want to send the ebook to other people who will view it with Readium on a pc or on a mac.

During my tests I found that Readium crashes and loses its complete library when I add my ebook with the 4 videos. All other books I added before are deleted. I think that it is not a problem with the Book Creator because you can open the ebook with iBooks on a Mac and on an iPad.

Do you know if this could be a problem with Readium? I tested all videos in mov and m4v format but Readium crashed in both cases.

Best regards,

Can you share the book with us? Put it on Dropbox or similar? We would be happy to look at it.

BTW, when you say "Readium", I assume you mean the Readium Chrome extension? Which version?

thanks Ric Wright, Readium

Yes, I mean Chrome with the Readium extension. The crashing version of Readium is 2.15.2. It crashes with Chrome and also with Chrome Canary 41.0.2244.0 Yes, I can share the eBook via Dropbox but I need to get your email address for this. I do not want to publish the book for everyone. :-)

We are about to release a new Chrome Extension in the next few days (May 2015). if you are still tracking this, please retest and let us know if you still see the problem.

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