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I am a novice with EPUBs but am trying to help my company achieve its needs to switch from costly printed training manuals to EPUBs. The manuals are 300-450+ pages each and are comprised of text and pictures. I have exported the manuals from .docx files to EPUB using Pages in Mac OS X, then tweaked the formatting using calibre.

Now, I feel I am all dressed up with nowhere to go.

These manuals are for paid classes, and the manuals themselves will not be sold. They simply need to be distributed to the specific students who have paid for the class. And my company definitely wants DRM on the files to keep students from copying/redistributing. We would like the content to be compatible across multiple platforms, as students may be accessing the manuals on Mac OS X, Windows, iOS devices, or Android devices. Hence, life is difficult.

I have been stuck on this conundrum for weeks and am spinning my wheels. I’ve reached out to a couple of companies who charge to distribute DRM-protected electronic documents to targeted individuals (as secure online or offline docs), but the one company only wants to ingest PDFs (which I can do, but would not prefer), and the other company hasn’t responded to my inquiries at all, so I guess they aren’t looking for business.

If anyone could offer any advice as to how to quickly, easily, and most prudently distribute these training materials (even if we have to resort to PDFs for the short-term), PLEASE let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I am also interested in learning more about this.

I've read that members of the Readium team are working on a "lightweight" open DRM standard that could address these needs (http://idpf.org/epub-content-protection), but I haven't found anything about what the actual state of that project is.

If you've found a solution, I would love to hear about it!

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