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Hi and congrats for the readium chrome extension it's a great app

Everything was ok with the chrome extension until some recent days where some videos in some epubs don't seem to work anymore. This was ok before but at this day, the video time is stuck to 0:00 and the play button doesn't respond. Videos are H264 MP4 with no particular problems before, there is no WEBM fallback, only MP4 source.

Yet, when I uncompress the epub and open the html file directly in chrome it's fully working. So it doesn't seem to be a chrome problem.

Since the chrome readium extension has not changed since the last time it was working, I suspect an incompatibility due to a recent chrome update. Perhaps it has something to do with the filesize because in the same epub I have a small MP4 which works ok and a bigger one which doesn't work.

Has anyone notice the same problem and can someone look what is the bug ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, Chrome did introduce a bug (which they are looking at) which can produce these symptoms. Try setting the page layout to scroll-view. Go to the Settings dialog and select the Layout tab. Then set the Scroll Mode to either "document" or "continuous". Let us know if that helps.

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