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Hi all,

I am wondering how broad and reliable is the page-break attribute support.

As I repeatedly see, the only one who REALLY supports it is Amazon. ADE 4.0 as well as the last Azardi reader are somewhat lazy and it’s function (loosely and partially) depends on how high is the readers window. I am quite desperate. I would expect this simple feature simply must work across wide range of readers (there is no struggle for space in such a case).

For example, I have two figures with captions, after both of them is a self-closed paragraph which has page-break-after attribute set but this does not work as expected. I have tried to set the attribute for both divs and figures too but nothing helps.

Am I missing something? How to properly code that, I don’t want to split 20 figures only because of this!

Any advice more than welcome.


I need this too, but it seems Readium does not support it.

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