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I know html5 has localstorage or sessionstorage. I know that access to those is restricted in some reader, not restricted in other. Does the epub standard have a data storage equivalent to html5's localstorage or sessionstorage ? For interactivity to work I need some data storage capability. I have a hard time seeing such capability in epub3. it seem like a way exist but it is not straight forward. a simple example would be lovely.

To interactivity, I can easily use javascript within html to make something viewable on a webpage. But, I am having a hard time placing javascript properly. I know bindings is supposed to be usable to allow uncommon media types and switch is designed to make sure you have a backup that can be readable on any device. But, I need a basic example using javascript. Specifically: button, form. If I can make: a button properly in an epub that is viewable on all devices, a form properly in an epub that is viewable on all devices, I can create an intertacting ability in my ebook that allow users to manipulate the story.
What is the proper way to embed an audio or video in an epub? I ask because i have confused myself trying various things to get one working way across the board and i failed.
I know the standard describe
But I will like an example, nothing fancy but clear.

Lastly, the sharing aspect. I quote : "Required support for this scheme in Reading Systems means that EPUB now has an interoperable linking mechanism, one that can, for example, facilitate the sharing of bookmarks and reading locations across devices."
from the following website
can you provide the smallest example? is that interoperability wireless? can it be more than bookmarks or reading locations? Will it work on every device, especially those set for epub3?

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