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Hey, the point is that I'm trying to put some interactive content that is in in an HTML file through and iframe in an ePub file.

All of that works fine while the source is an external link, but the problem is that I need that content te be available offline.

So what I did was to import those external files that are part of the HTML package (the CSS and JQueries).

I modified the links in the main HTML in order to point to the correct sources (Styles and Misc) and everything seemed to be fine, even in the preview window, wich showed the information the correct way.

The problem is that when trying to visualize the content in a tablet.

Got several error messages and content is not visible.

And dont know what to do, because it is the same code that works fine in the preview mode of Calibre and Sigil (the authoring tools I'm using, and here I explain that I have been so careful to point correctly the sources links of the HTML package, I noticed are diferent in each tool) and more importat, it is the same code that works also fine, when putting the source in the iframe as an external file.

Any help will be so aprecciated...

Thanks a lot!

The content documents should be XHTML or SVG, not HTML without an alternative (XHTML or SVG). To present external resources is not required, only those mentioned in the OPF-file.
Did your book survive the validator test?

My idea to find the problem would be to write a test-book, that has a proper and minimalistic XHTML-file as referenced content in such an iframe and which it correctly referenced in the OPF-file as well. Then test this with the validator and fix remaining issues reported by the validator.

Because you mention some kind of java-script: It is required as well, that the complete content is available as well without scripting, take care that with scripting no new pseudo-content is generated, not accessible without activated script interpretation, this is not required for EPUB books.

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