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I have numerous errors of the same typ

ERROR: epub21.epub/OEBPS/j83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-13.smil(97,57): 'OEBPS/83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-13.xhtml': referenced resource missing in the package.

or this:

ERROR: epub21.epub/OEBPS/j83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-20.smil(6,75): 'OEBPS/audio/page20.m4a': referenced resource missing in the package.:

I really don't understand these errors at all.

It seems that two unrelated files are joined with a colon in these errors.

I appreciate any help I can get!



The problem you have is that some or all of the audio and xhtml files you reference in your smil files are not in the epub container, or their names or paths have changed.

The error messages are telling you which smil files contain the missing references and on which line you can find the reference, plus an error message that starts by telling you what resource is missing.

For example, looking at this one:

j83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-13.smil(97,57): 'OEBPS/83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-13.xhtml': referenced resource missing in the package.

There are two parts. The first tells you where the problem was found (on line 97 at character position 57 in the SMIL file):


Following that colon is the error message, which in this case begins with a file name.

'OEBPS/83643-Flower-Fairy_-epubBody-13.xhtml': referenced resource missing in the package.

I can't tell you what you've done wrong other than those resources aren't where they're claimed to be.

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