Standalone app vs tabbed windows

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A number of users have complained that they don’t like the new standalone app behaviour of the Readium Chrome Extension - they preferred the simple tab-in-a-browser approach.   We sympathize and understand that there were advantages to the old approach, including supporting multiple instances (tabs) in one browser window.

Unfortunately, Google has mandated that all apps have to adopt the new "packaging" (the way the app is constructed) using the new Packaging 2.0.  One consequence of this is that being an ordinary "tab" in the browser is no longer possible.  In theory, through some elaborate tricks, it can be done (more or less).  However, we (Readium) do not currently have the bandwidth in development or testing to take that on.

What we will investigate is supporting multiple tabs within the app window, but that too is non-trivial so it won’t happen soon. We thank everyone for their support.

Ric Wright

Readium Foundation

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