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I finally got my ePub to validate. I went to test it and the audio works fine up until page 13. However the highlighting doesn't work. The audio starts on page 5 and so should the highlighting. All the files validated, so I don't know what the problem is. I tested it by putting the ePub into dropbox on my pc and uploaded to my ipad to test it. I do not have a Mac at this time.

Also I converted the file from InDesign CC then went into the html to add the code for the audio and highlighting.
I have the words identified in the xhtml files, I have the audio start and stop times for each page identified in rhe smil files, and I have listed all the parts in the content.opf Mnifest. I also have the media-overlay code in the CSS and the Manifest

I would appreciate any ideas of how to fix this,



Hi Janis,

An old topic, but maybe you are still stuck with highlighting.

If you want to enable word-highlighting in ePub3, you need the start-stop times of all the words that you want to highlight. The words in the xhtml will have ID's, which you have to refer to in the smil-files. In the smil-files all the start-stop times in relation to their word-ID's will be documented. Make sure the smil-files are correct and don't have overlapping timings, else there could be some trouble with jittered audio and navigation.

If you have done all that and the file is valid, but highlighting does not work, it could be something in your CSS stylesheet maybe.


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