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After installing readium js viewer, I'm try to upload epubs . However I have this message : 'Importing epub * *Examining EPUB content...' without anything happen !
I tried with different files and have always this message.
It's necessary to put specific right for one or more files /folders on the server?

Thank you for your help


Can you provide us with a little more detail?  What OS and version are you running on?  Can you share on of the EPUB s that fail.  There is one known bug that behaves like (now fixed, to be released soon) which is caused by a corrupt font.  If you could post the EPUB to dropbox (or similar) or email it to me ( we will take a look.

I have exactly the same problem. None of my fixed format epub 3 documents will open in Readium, but open fine in Ibooks on my Ipad.

Running Windows 10 Not had any issues at all with any other program in windows 10.

Thank you for posting.  Apparently, the latest update to the Chrome Browser broke the Readium Chrome Extension's upload capability.  We are looking into ASAP.

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