EPUB 3 Audiobooks created in OBI 3.7 and TOBI not playable in iBook

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Hi there,

My organisation has taken one step further and started producing ePub3 Audio books to be added to our library collection along with our Daisy 2.02 books. My volunteers are now using OBI 3.7 to export both DAISY 2.02 and ePub3 audiobooks. I have also created a short sample ePub3 book using TOBI for testing.

I have been testing the books in Adobe Digital Edition and iBook and come to realise that the epub3 books plays fine in Adobe Digital Edition but not in iBook. The book opens in iBook and doesn't recognise the Read Aloud function.

Moreover, all books are validation before being tested.

I am not sure if this is a bug or if I've missed an essential step.

I would really appreciate if somebody can shed light into this matter as soon as possible.

Many thank,

Any assistance would be much appreciated

iBooks doesn't render media overlays for reflowable books, only fixed layouts.

You (Obi/Tobi) probably haven't done anything wrong. It's a long-standing limitation of iBooks.

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