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I have one, maybe stupid question.
What editor is correct and easy for editing and creation ePub 3 ebooks?
I try to use BlueGriffonEpubEditor (trial), but this tool have many problems and i wait for tool's author respons about this problems.
Oxygen is not cheap ...
For ePub 2 i use Sigil and sometimes Jutoh.

There's not a lot in the way of free quality editors, if that's what you're looking for.

Similar to BlueFire, there's Inkling Habitat and PubCoder. And maybe a bit more on the educational/professional side is Metrodigi's Chaucer platform. 

If you're into all things Apple, there's iBooks Author. It now exports compliant EPUB 3. Their Pages program will also export to EPUB, but probably not what you want.

And there's always the old granddaddy InDesign.

It's hard to guess if any of these will fit your needs, as they all have pros and cons depending on what you're looking to do - do you want to get tied into someone's platform, are you looking to author or edit already-existing content, etc. I believe you can get trials for them all, though.

Of course, you don't actually need any of them depending on how familiar you want to get with the specifications. EPUBs consist of web content, so you can author in any tool you like and zip the result, provided you know how to write the package file and follow the nuances of zipping the content. Have a look at the samples project if you want to see unpacked source.

I'm not interested for Mac platform, because this mean for me another OS. InDesign is to expensive. I'm prepare pay 150 - 200 € for quality tool. I was contact Inking, but ... without price list and link to trial version.

Best way to create an EPUB 3 package or book for now is to hand-roll it. That means create your own content documents with existing HTML5, CSS, SVG editors and type up all the metadata yourself (probably get one of those O'Reilly books on EPUB to get an understanding of EPUB metadata or just read the specifications online here at the IDPF website).

There are some companies out there who have 'EPUB developers' who are Web-page developers with an understanding of how to package up an EPUB zip file with all the necessary metadata.

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