Important! New Chrome Extension posted!

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On Friday, 24 July, Google released a new version of their Chrome browser. Since most people allow the browser to be update automatically, people started getting the update late Friday.  Unfortunately, with the new release, Google apparently changed how some internal variables are handled, which caused a problem in Readium’s unzipping code – which in turn caused the “upload” phase of adding a new book to fail.

We have located the problem and produced a fix and rolled a new version of the app, which has been uploaded to the store, version 2.18.2.  Please update your version of the Readium Chrome Extension.  The update will happen automatically.  If you wish to force an update you will need to click on the “hamburger” (the icon with 3 horizontal lines on the right side of the toolbar), then select “More tools”  then "Extensions". Once on the Extensions page, simply click the button which says “Update extensions now”.  That’s it!

We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please report any additional problems if you encounter them.

Ric Wright

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