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I have only one error in my ePub:

[see IMG]

According to (Apple support):
1. Unzip your EPUB.
2. Open the OEBPS folder, then the content.opf file.
3. Find the <manifest> element.
4. Make sure your files are listed. In this example, the cover image is in the manifest and in the EPUB. All files should be in both or not in the book at all.
CHECK. "referenced resource" file is listed in both:
[see IMG]
[see IMG]

If I remove the offending file from the Indesign book, no error. I replace it, error!
Any thoughts? Please help!!

The error is in the html file, not the reference to it in the package file.

What you have to do is open that html file, go to line 44 in it, and at character position 555 see what is being referenced.

The typical cause for this kind of error is a reference to an image that has been removed, so you'll likely find an <img> tag with a src attribute pointing to a resource that doesn't exist.

Whatever the specific cause, though, you either need to add the missing file back or remove the reference to it that is no longer valid.

Brilliant! I'll give it a try.

That was it! You are my hero!!

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