Epub viewer for Windows Desktop using readium JS

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Hi team,

I am creating Windows Desktop (WPF application) Epub viewer. I am using Readium js as processing engine and showing this on C Sharp web browser control. Along with this i am running a basic HTTP Server which serves all files required. I am not using node js server here.

Please help me in implementing following functionalities -

Readim js engine is taking more time to process? How to increase its performance by taking advantage of Native C sharp code. (Here we have access to file directories.)?
How to add free draw on top of viewer? mechanism to store this draw points b taking help of CFI?
How to get thumbnails view of pages?
How to add page seekbar?
How to add search functionality in my current scenario?
Zoom in / Zoom Out , Fit width / Fit Height?


These are pretty complex questions (or at least the answers are).  Can you ask these questions on the readium-js-viewer issue tracker?



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