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Hi all,

the last xhtml page of my epub is only a template whose content is dynamically generated (via promises). It works fine except that the "next page" button doesn't show up when the content needs to be displayed in more than one page.
If I resize the window then the button shows up and I can access and display the next pages.

I assume that readium-js-viewer calculates the size of the page before its content is generated but how to wait for it or at least refresh the page once everything is ready?


Very interesting question.  Is the content being generated a "normal" page, or is it flagged as "linear=no", i.e. it is not a part of the linear flow of the book?  Would it be possible to share an example of the book with us?  We need only a fragment that shows the problem.

The content is a normal page, I also tried with "linear=no" and got the same result.
The book is a prototype that will be embedded in a website. I'll send the link once it's online (around Thursday evening).
Thanks for helping!

I've deployed a version at http://lpub.herokuapp.com/
By clicking on a word a user can see its definition and extra information. Clicking on '+' adds the word to a learning list. This learning list is displayed on the last page whose content is dynamically generated.
If you add a number of entries so that the content needs to be displayed on several pages then only the first one is accessible (the "next page" button doesn't show up).
The button appears if the page is even slightly resized (tested on Chrome and Firefox).

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