Referenced resource could not be found in the EPUB.

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Happy New Year all!

Any help with this issue would stop me for going insane or around in circles.

Receiving these validation errors:

ERROR OEBPS/Text/copyright.xhtml 21 52 Referenced resource could not be found in the EPUB.
ERROR OEBPS/Text/toc.xhtml 89 41 Referenced resource could not be found in the EPUB.

I have literally gone through every source known on the internet to find a fix for this problem including this website. This is my last resort. I have gone meticulously through the toc.ncx, toc.html and the content.opf several times and found nothing even at the above columns causing these errors. The Manifest, spine, navMap and navPoints are all synced.

But yet, I still must be doing something wrong or overlooked something, somehow.

Cheers GhostwriterGurl

Whatever is referenced at those locations isn't actually in your epub container.

It's not possible to say from the error message exactly what is missing, but if you go to those line numbers and character offsets in the noted copyright.xhtml and toc.xhtml files, in each case you're going to find an html element with an href or src attribute.

Whatever files are referenced in those attributes are not actually there. It could be that you have a typo in the path or file name, or it could be that the resources simply weren't zipped up. That's what you'll have to sleuth out.

That makes sense, but each time I'd run the file through the validator it showed legitimate errors. Fixed all of them excluding these two. I'm using winzip and dragging and dropping the files, mime type first, everything is showing up in the zip except it obviously isn't. I'll check the path and file names again and find where I went wrong. Explains alot. I'll work out an alternative method and software if necessary.

Thanks very much for that, I will investigate, analyse and report back for future users.

What is noted in the lines mentioned in the error messages?
copyright.xhtml line 21
toc.xhtml line 89

Hi there,

The copyright.xhtml is <br/> tag, and toc.html is <a href="../Text/abouttheAuthor.xhtml">About the Author</a>

The thing is I think Matt is right, for some reason when I'm dragging and dropping the epub it is splitting straight away. There is nothing in these columns that suggests anything is untoward. I'll let you know if I manage to fix this problem.

Cheers All

Is that the correct case for the filename, not "aboutTheAuthor.xhtml" with camel-case capitalization on each word? Those are the kinds of things that would catch my eye.

There's probably something obvious that doesn't look obvious right now.

If you can share the file, feel free to send to me and I can take a quick look for you (just add to my forum name).

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