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Hello everyone!

i'm sorry for my english, i hope you will understand me.
I have a problem with some epub3. I have done 4 epub but 2 of these have problems with the visualization of some letters. I explain better: Every of these epub has a page with a summary (page.xhtml). Some letters of one title are more bold than others of the same title. For example:
" THE PRETTY GIRL" (in this title, with the style of paragraph, the letters "P" and "G", for example, are more bold than others. Why???

I was thinking that was a problem of visualization but other ebook, with the same style of paragraph etc., has not this problem... And the css is clean, and the code xhtml too, infant other 2 ebooks are ok!

I hope sincerely that you can help me with this question. If you don't understand me, tell me it!

Can you provide us the EPUB that demonstrates this problem?  If not too big, just email it to rkwright@readium.org or post to DropBox, etc.

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