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I have an Epub3 file that does not seem to be working properly using Readium.

When starting the book, the text will highlight and read aloud, but when it turns the page the highlighting of the text stops while the audio continues to play. At the end of the page it will then start again on the same page highlighting the text with the audio. Essentially, it seems it takes Readium a second pass on the page in order to work.

We have been able to narrow the problem down to when the text is tagged with audio. It seems if the tag is put in place before the audio begins this issue happens. It is concerning though that other readers do not encounter this problem such as iBooks.

If by "text tagged with audio" you mean that your XHTML file has an "< audio > " element, you might want to look at this issue report:

On my Debian machine I still experience this problem. What OS are you testing with?

Is your issue looking similar to mine?

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