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Dear All,

I have checked the validation for ePub2, ePub3, Nook ePib and Nook DRP using checker 4.0.1. But, I am getting the following error, while validation using ePubCheck4.0.1 for Nook DRP & EPIB.

ePub 2: Validation fine.

ePub3: Validation fine.

Nook DRP: Validation Error

Nook ePib: Validation Error

Please advise us...!!!!

Without the actual error, it's impossible to say.

Both Nook DRP and EPIB (AFAIK) are Barnes and Noble "extended" EPUBs designed to facilitate rendering and reading image-heavy documents, the former derived from PDFs and the latter comic and illustrated children's books.  Does BN even support those formats anymore?  Not clear.

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