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I'm an aspiring author, have an error in my epub. If you can help me that would be wonderful please please please!
I don't know anything about code, programming etc.
So reading stuff on google etc is just straight in the deep end.
I searched forums here and found very little that was practical, probably because I don't know where to look.

I am uploading to Kobo. I have used
as validator, recommended to me by Kobo staff. Received this error message:

Error while parsing file 'The prefix "o" for element "o:p" is not bound.'.

No line or position was given, just - for both. From my small understanding looks like there is something in the structure or pixelized skeleton of the document. The story is about a crazy guy so I thought it was rejected/declined by Kobo for the occasional mention of antisocial behaviour, but this parsing thing looks like a technical issue. There is some wacky sentence structure, much interruptions with what may be considered poor punctuation while the protagonist is hearing voices in his head.

If anyone can help that person will instantly rule ;)
thank you. I've almost finished the book, I'll pop a link up here to it if anyone is interested, least I can do. Thanks again team

Did you convert a Word document to HTML?

You have an <o:p> element somewhere in your content, but the xmlns:o="..." declaration has apparently been stripped. That sounds like an artefact of Word's HTML output, at any rate.

Did you run tidy on the file by any chance? That might explain where the namespace declaration went.

Anyway, the most likely fix is to find the tag (opening and closing) and convert it to a plain old <p> tag. If you have one, though, it's likely you'll find a lot more.

Be aware that unfortunately, Word output to HTML is notoriously bad so be prepared for more problems like this.



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