error rsc-005 has me stumped

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working through completion of a illustrated epub. This error has occurred on all of the svg images included in epub3 publication. I can't understand what the error means.

ERROR RSC-005 /OEBPS/image/bee_icon_InCircle.svg
(line 1, col 157) Error while parsing file 'element "style" missing required attribute "type"'.

here is line 1 of the svg file:

<svg id="Layer_3" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 144 144"><title>icon of a bee</title><desc>the voice of the bee is symbolized by the icon</desc><style>.st0{fill:#00D024;} .st1{fill:#999999;} .st2{fill:#F1CC00;} .st3{opacity:0.6;fill:#FFFFFF;stroke:#998675;stroke-width:1.2;stroke-miterlimit:10;} .st4{fill:#FFDF05;} .st5{fill:#00022B;} .st6{fill:#534741;} .st7{fill:#736357;} .st8{fill:#FFFFFF;} .st9{opacity:0.6;fill:#FFFFFF;stroke:#998675;stroke-width:1.5;stroke-miterlimit:10;}</style>

I've combed all of the net to try to figure out what the EPUBcheck requires here but can't find anything. I'm developing illustration in Illustrator, saving as svg and optimizing using an online tool.

Any guesses, anyone?
thanks in advance

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