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Hi erveyone -

I can't shake off error msgs like thew following when I run epub3 validation:

ERROR: example/re-structure_conference-proceedings.epub/OEBPS/01.xhtml(28,82): non-standard image resource 'OEBPS/media/unlikely_logo.jpg' of type 'image/jpg'

First I was suspicious about the use of an line break element but this seem to make any difference.

Looking at the files:


<item id="img1" href="media/Cover.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>
<item id="img2" href="media/Cover.png" media-type="image/png"/>
<item id="img3" href="media/unlikely_logo.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>
<item id="img4" href="media/LTU_logo.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>
<item id="img5" href="media/VCA_logo.jpg" media-type="image/jpg"/>

01.xhtml ((28,82):

"<p><img src="media/unlikely_logo.jpg" title="logo Unlikely" alt="logo Unlikely"/></p>"

excerpts 01.xhtml:

"<p>Thanks to all of the authors and artists for their contributions.</p>"
"<p>This publication is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).</p>"
"<p>To view a copy of this license, visit: <a href="">http://creativecommon...
"<p><img src="media/unlikely_logo.jpg" title="logo Unlikely" alt="logo Unlikely"/></p>"
"<p><strong>Supported by: La Trobe University and The University of Melbourne / Victorian College of the Arts, Australia</strong></p>"
"<p><img src="media/LTU_logo.jpg" title="logo LTU" alt="logo LTU"/></p>"
"<p><img src="media/VCA_logo.jpg" title="logo Melb Uni/VCA" alt="logo Melb Uni/VCA"/></p>"

I guess this post by Matt Garrish deals with the problem:

Well ... i guess JPEG and jpg comes closer to the solution. :)

Yes, the actual registered media type for JPEGs is "image/jpeg".

"jpg" is just a common file extension.

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