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Hi again,

my designer has selected a nice combination of colors for background and text in the epub that we're making, and has defined these colors in the css. However, if I switch to a different style in Readium (Black and White, Arabian nights etc), the background color changes, but the color of the text stays the same. This means that in the Arabian nights theme, the text is unreadable, as the text color is dark blue (author styles) and the background color is black (Arabian nights).
How can I fix this? Should I define alternate styles, and how?


Sounds like a beginner's mistake in CSS implementation of the programmers of Readium ;o)
Either one overwrtes all colors from the author-stylesheet with a user-stylesheet or none.

Alternative stylesheets can be embedded in EPUB, XHTML, SVG, technically no problem (XML stylesheet processing instructions, in XHTML as well the link element).

But this does not mean, that this really works for the audience in practice.
Readium is an extension for WebKit/Blink viewers. And all these have a major bug/gap not providing an interface to select alternative styles at all.
Mozilla/Gecko (like Firefox) or Opera/Presto or Konqueror have such an interface, but for Opera/Presto there is no EPUB extension and in all EPUB extensions for Geckos I know, the audience has to select the alternative style sheet again for each new document in the EPUB, because Geckos do not care about the issue of alternative stylesheets having the same name should remain selected, if the document is changed.

To resume:
It is a good idea for acessibility reasons to add alternative styles, but currently they do not really work properly for most of the audience due to bugs and gaps in viewers.

The color problem is obviously a bug in the overwrite styles of Readium, you cannot fix yourself, this is an issue for the Readium developers either to provide complete user-styles or not to ignore CSS priorities (author-style has a higher priority than user-agent-style).

Hi Kirsten !
Your problem i think you could option TEXT and BACKGROUND color ,
you can option online at website:

If you want see TEXT and BACKGROUND of my site, you can go to : , then you hover mouse in MENU, multi select for you.
Hope my reply helpful for you , have a nice day !

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