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The TOC suddenly stopped working properly.

We have a general outline with different levels of content, but when you click on a sub-level it only leads you to the beggining of the xhtml file where this content belongs.

We are a team of 6 people working on different books on different readium installations but a few days ago we all encoutered the same issue described above.

Was there a recent change that could have possibly affected this?

Would you be as kind as to investigate it further?

Thank you in advance

We did push a new version last week so that may be the cause, but we have not seen any regressions in OUR tests.

Can you provide a sample EPUB that doesn't work, along with a clear description of the steps to reproduce the error as well as the OS, version and any other relevant information?  You can place the EPUB on DropBox (or similar) or mail it to We will then look into it right away.

Thanks, Ric Wright


Hi Ric,

I have the same problem in all epub3s in my Readium library, both in the ones I made myself and in others that I've downloaded (e.g. Accessible EPUB3, O'Reilly

As far as I can see (I didn't test them all), there is only one exception in my library: EPUB3 Accessibility Guidelines (downloaded from
The content in this epub (and hence the navigation) is structured differently, which might explain the difference.

I hope you can fix this soon!


I know it is frustrating (me too) but I cannot reproduce this problem with any book I have. I re-downloaded the latest accessible EPUB directly from O'Reilly (as opposed to the one posted on IDPF site).  I also tested several others.  They all work fine.  Can you send me ONE book that for you know fails?  Also, can you provide the OS and version and verify that you are using 2.23.0 of the Chrome Extension?

Thanks,  Ric

Frustrating, yes. ;)
I just sent you an email with a book attached and the information you asked for.
Thanks, Kirsten

Hi Ric,

have you received my email, and have you been able to find the issue?

Thanks, Kirsten

Do you have the scroll setting at document or continuous? I just bumped into this problem, too, and setting it back to auto was the only way to get the jump destinations to work again.

Hello Ric,

Apologies for the late reply, but since the issue has not been resolved, I am forwarding you one of our ebooks as well as all the other details you requsted.

Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.


We may have found the problem causing this.  Testing now.

Hello Ric,

It seems fixed - at least in 5 books we have checked so far.

Thank you so much!


Great.  Keep reporting those bugs.  I doubt that was the last one...  :-)

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