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Hi all,

I have make to linear="no" but Adobe Digital Edition are display and view this file. How to resolve this problem please suggest with example?

<itemref idref="cover" linear="no"/>

Anil Prasad
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1. Report the problem to the developers of this program (and to others with a similar problem - there are much more)
2. For current and older versions of programs ignoring this information one needs workarounds to help the audience.
2a. It is an obvious idea to put the non linear entries in random order at the end of the spine list. Before this non linear content one can put some addtional non linear documents with hints about this problem/bug/gap of such viewers and instructions for the autdience how to use the book as intended with an additional link for example to the toc to help to find a way back to the intended way to read the book.
2b. Because some viewers may have the behaviour to propagate in general within the spine from one entry to the next - to indicate prper usage of non linear books one can add additional small documents (text usage hint maybe with deocrative small abstract SVG fragment ) between all consecutive entries in the spine.
2c. Add usage information for non linear books at the beginning of the spine within the linear part.

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