I want to return to old version(2.22.3)

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I want to return to old version(2.22.3)

Seoung Hyun Go wrote this in Web Store support page.
>>Before I update this, it plays end of the paragraph(even though some of the paragraph that i can not visible) and then move to the next paragraph(in the next page).
>>But, this version, it does not move to the next page automatically.
>>I had changed some option, but it did not move.

me too.
So I want to return to old version(2.22.3).
Can I do that ?

Hello, I have just tried on my machine (Windows 10, Readium Chrome extension with reflowable and fixed-layout EPUB3 Media Overlay publications). Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this bug. Could you please privately share the ebook you are having issues with? Many thanks! Daniel (daniel.weck@gmail.com)

Thank you replying my question.

I' ll send you a epub download URL.

(sorry I mistake. I deleted my question at Chrome web store support )

Got the EPUB and verified that it does not advance.  Note that this is a Japanese EPUB.  I cannot read or understand Japanese, but we see the bug happening, so that shouldn't matter.  I'll test it some more.  Have created an issue for this here:



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