Error while parsing file 'element "strike" not allowed anywhere

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the error message:
Error while parsing file 'element "strike" not allowed anywhere; expected the element end-tag, text or element "a", "abbr", "acronym", "applet", "b", "bdo", "big", "br", "cite", "code", "del", "dfn", "em", "i", "iframe", "img", "ins", "kbd", "map", "noscript", "ns:svg", "object", "q", "samp", "script", "small", "span", "strong", "sub", "sup", "tt" or "var" (with xmlns:ns="")'.

the offending bit:
ERROR OEBPS/Text/pts-004.xhtml 25 55

As a non-expert, but using Sigil to create epubs, I cannot find for sure where this line is - in the (automatically generated) toc-ncx file, line 25 is '<content src="Text/pts-acknow.xhtml" />'

In the (again auto-generated) content-opf file, line 25 is ' <item href="Text/pts-007.xhtml" id="pts-007.xhtml" media-type="application/xhtml+xml" />'

In my own TOC file, line 25 is '<a href="../Text/pts-010.xhtml">10. EEE 8</a><br />'

- there seem to be a lot of lines using the 'offending' pattern that are exactly the same except for beein 003 or 005 etc - I do HTML coding for my website so while not an expert am not a complete know-nothing either,and I cannot find anything that looks like it needs correcting, or that has set the 'error finder' off.

Any ideas would be appreciated

This line tells you where the error is:

ERROR OEBPS/Text/pts-004.xhtml 25 55

Open that file and go to line 25 character offset 25 and you'll find a strike tag. It's obsolete in HTML5; the recommendation is to use del now.

Thank you **very** much, 'passed' now, also for the 'included' lesson about reading the error messages a bit more carefully. The book is A Place to Stand, it's on Smashwords, if you want a 'comp copy' get in touch (actually this is Green Island Book II, I could send both)

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