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Hi, I am new here.

I have begun developing an Open Source utility, at present very limited, to help build ePubs and I am looking for feedback. Is it OK to post about this or should I go elsewhere?

It is acceptable.  Don't know how effective it will be.  What is your goal?  Have you looked at the spectrum of available tools out there now and found them wanting?  If so, in what way?  As a member of the Readium Foundation (and having written several EPUB authoring tools) I always interested in such information.


Thanks. I have been building my epubs by hand because I could not find a point-and-click tool that created clean and valid files for Lulu, Google, Smashwords, etc. I use a Debian Linux desktop, which means that fewer such tools are available to me than to most, and even those tend not to be found in the debian app repositories. So I wrote a small and, as yet, little more than trivial shell script which I call makepub and which may be found at http://www.steelpillow.com/blocki/tech/makepub.html

If there is wider interest then I hope to develop it further, but if there is better out there and I am wasting my time then that would be very useful to know too!

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